With whom are you affiliated?
West End Academy is approved and accredited by the state of Tennessee Board of Education. We are a category 5 school with the state of Tennessee and work hard every year to keep that accreditation.
How long have you been in business?
We began serving the Knoxville community in July of 1971. This year we will be celebrating our 43rd year in service.
Who do you serve?
All students. In addition we serve Preschool from ages six (6) weeks through Kindergarten. When we are successful, our students gain confidence, adopt new attitudes about learning, increase educational competence, and grow socially and spiritually. Ultimately, they will lead more abundant and fulfilling lives, become better citizens, and contribute to their community.
How are you different?
Educational recovery is part of our vision. In this, we focus on the following:

• Providing a safe and secure learning environment with open communication.
• Designer Education.
• Success fosters success.
• Building self-image and eliminating guilt and shame from education.
• Family-friendly homework schedules.
• Individualized guidance by instructors.
• A teacher for every 15 students.
• Providing consistent and caring discipline in the classroom and on the playing field.
• Learning and fun.
• Values-driven school environment.
• Rewards and incentives.

In one way we are not different is that we enable children to receive an education for which they will receive a high school diploma.
Are you a Christian school?
The West End Academy staff is Christian. Bible is taught weekly. Although Bible is voluntary, most of the children attend. West End Academy is not affiliated with any denomination. We believe God has called us to serve and we hold strongly to Christian values and teach Christian principles.
Who governs West End Academy?
West End Academy is a 501-(c)-(3), non-profit, private school approved by the State of Tennessee and governed by a voluntary Board of Directors that sets direction, policy, and authorizes funding.
What is the process for application?
Children are admitted to West End Academy based on an interview process with the child, parent(s), and WEA administrative staff. This is initiated by calling the school for an interview appointment.
What is the tuition?
The Board of Directors establishes the tuition each year. Scholarship available if qualified for all grades. Tuition is paid monthly and is based on student beginning and transfer date. Financial aid is available and is based on:

• Family size
• Medical expenses
• Tuition being paid for other family members
• Casualty loss
• Ability to pay
• Number of wage earners in a family

We work diligently to get students enrolled. When students apply, we examine every means to ensure that tuition is not a stumbling block.