Pillars of Success

This year we will turn 46! Of course my age is more than 46, but West End Academy and I will celebrate 46 years and thousands of hope-building experiences with Knox area children, teenagers, and young adults.Let me challenge you to join with us in one or more of the following ways to help children become Pillars of Success for another 46 years:

• Be a mentor volunteer and donate one hour per week.

• Give to the scholarship fund that helps desperate children and their parents afford the services of West End Academy. A monthly contribution of $50.00, $100.00, or $200.00 over the next year would make a significant difference in the life of a child.

• Be a West End volunteer. We need office assistants, teachers’ aides, tutors, and fix-it people.

• Donate needed items. Call us to inquire about current needs.

• Join our Prayer Support Team as a coordinator, intercessor, or caller.

Thanks for your support,
Mr. D.

 Your Sacrificial Gifts at Work


These 12 students are now pillars of society since they have completed high school. 92% have further educational plans, none of which would have been possible without your generous, sacrificial giving.

 Dudley Dewhirst

Mr. Dewhirst has been an integral part of West End Academy for many years. It began when his son attend West End Academy.

In May of 1997, Dudley joined our Board of Directors. In January of 2001, he was elected Chairman. He has retired from that position, although he continues to be active on the board.West End Academy dudleydewhirst

During these past years Dudley has really shown us all the true volunteer spirit. From parking cars for scholarship money at UT home games, to using his business contacts to raise capital funds, Dudley has been tireless. He has personally brought over $100,000 into West End Academy, either from personal donations or from his contacts.

He and his wife, Zara, have led by example and now there are other family members contributing, including Bill Dewhirst, West End Academy Alumni. The work Dudley has done for West End Academy has been truly inspirational to all of us who have had the privilege to work with him.

While he has been succeeded by a very capable individual as chairman, he can never be replaced. His gentle encouragement has guided us through some narrow times, and we are glad that he is still willing to help. Please join us in our prayers of blessings for him and his family as he makes this change.

Also, please remember to help us honor him by continuing to give in that sacrificial way we have come to be blessed by, so we can continue to change educational outcomes, the vision that he has so steadfastly supported.

 Clifford Moore

At 81 years young, Mr. Moore (who we all know affectionately as “Pop”) regularly showed up at West End Academy to help us out. When he retired form the business community several years ago, he most assuredly did not retire from our West End Academy cliffordmoorecommunity of volunteers. When Pop came by he maked repairs, built cabinets (his trade), did yard upkeep and he even removed several dead trees from our lovely property.

We would like to note that over 39 years ago, Pop was having prayer meetings with Mr. Dowling about a ministry to help the young people of the Knoxville area. Also, they were praying that the location of this ministry would be on McKamey Road. It is so awesome to see how God has answered those earnest prayers of so many years ago. While Pop is not considered a Founder of West End Academy, he is most assuredly part of the foundation.

We thank you Pop, for your smiles, humor, prayers and encouragement; all of which you have showered us with so abundantly over so many years.